The new KAIA (king abdulaziz international airport) project is to become an intermodal hub to promote the economic spirit of the country, to support the Saudi national air transportation system and to enhance service as the gateway to the region. To fulfill this mission, the airport will provide quality facilities to its passengers, tenants and operators in an efficient, financially sound and environmentally responsible manner.

The KAIA project will be a landmark economic development for the region and the nation, capitalizing on the kingdom’s ambitious growth plans and the authority’s efforts for KSA to enhance the status of Jeddah as an international hub.

NLC were selected by United Arab Aluminium Company (UAAC) subsidiary of Saudi ben laden group, as an independent third party to investigate the glass delamination occurring on the acoustic unitized panels of the new airport development.

Having had received two other reports from another international third parties for the same subject without being able to locate and demonstrate the real delamination reason, UAAC management was convinced that it was the time to consult with NLC to find a permanent solution to a problem which

If it persists, might possibly create serious risks on the facades progress and a tremendous concern to the developer.

NLC has used its deep know how in the glass lamination processing to find the root cause of the delamination and to propose the solution for its non-reoccurrence.

In this regards, detailed investigation has taken place at the glass processor and the aluminium subcontractor premises by NLC technical team, from procurement, till delivery of finished goods, where plenty of quality control tests have taken place and has led to proving the root cause for the Problem.

NLC has provided the solution for this problem and the best practices that can be implemented to avoid it in the future projects.