Dubai Frame Zaabeel Park – design & engineering, supply and installation of walkable smart glass flooring with laser anti slip and switchable privacy effect

The glass was modeled horizontally acquiring the worst load case where the dead load will be added to the combination load using SJ MEPLA finite element computer program. Load Case was utilized in the analysis, LC1 (DL+UL). All loads were applied normally onto the glass. Load share factors were considered in the DGU analysis and lamination factor for laminated glass. Maximum results were utilized in the connection analysis as per standards.

The face plate was analyzed using SJ MEPLA linear solution applying practical loading and support conditions.

Scope of work:

– Design and engineering calculations. 

– Issuance of shop drawings and fabrication drawings. 

– Supply and installation of the multi-laminated structural Switchable glass. 

– Laser survey taking, generation of cad laser drawings for accurate finishing. 

– Supply, installation and programming of the motion detection sensors. 

– Mockup development

– Waterproofing and or bituminous applications

– Civil works related to glazing activities Site cleaning. 

– Survey control points & bench marking.